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Is very broad range of possibilities exists for salads more appetizing A salad every day One of the recommendations that dictate the experts in what refers to the vegetables you consume this food group in both food and dinner and at least one of them must be in the form of salad. A salad composed of vegetables and raw vegetables, usually eaten cold, it may be unappetizing to the low winter temperatures and for this reason some people stop eating them during this time. To maintain consumption of salads in winter and therefore comply with the recommendations we offer original ideas to prepare and very tasty salads. The key: mix raw and cooked foods is true that you have to consume vegetables and raw vegetables daily, though they need not all be raw ingredients of the salad. In the same salad you can mix raw and cooked so hot salad ingredients make a tasty dish. There is such a variety of salads that can be made to choose one or the other only depends on the limits of the imagination of everyone. The essential elements are the raw ingredients such as mixed lettuce, buds, chicory, fresh spinach, lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber and peppers. Any of them can be combined with some cooked as vegetables, meats, seafood, rice, pulses, potato or pasta ingredient. With all these foods can be prepared countless different combinations and tasty


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